Daimler's Gorriz says a new and improved customer service offering is very high on his agenda(Photo: Claus Dick)

HANOVER -- Daimler CIO Michael Gorriz provided some insight into his personal agenda Tuesday, when he told the annual carIT Congress here what the priorities for his department are.

"Providing the best customer experience is at the center of all our activities," he said, adding that, with the Mercedes me platform launched earlier this year, the premium car brand wants to provide a quantum leap in customer service.

The Mercedes me platform stands on five pillars, which are called move me, connect me, assist me, finance me and inspire me. They integrate on one platform all product-relevant areas. "Our goal is to gradually enable a truly comprehensive digital experience," Gorriz said.

The Mercedes me services will be available on all new and face-lifted models by the beginning of 2016, the Daimler CIO said. Internally, the company is working on an aftermarket solution to make the platform available to older Mercedes vehicles as well.

Big data analysis is an important area for Daimler, Gorriz said, but he added that generating large volumes of data is not a goal in itself. More important is to use the data to create business and customer value, he said.

The Daimler CIO said the generation of ever more customer and car data poses a dilemma for customers. Mercedes car owners can choose whether they want to provide access to their data for various purposes. If they do, they can use the full range of new connected services. If not, they can operate the car without the features.

Gorriz said at the top of his personal agenda are:

  1. Big data and big data analytics
  2. The creation of an agile organization
  3. Using cloud-based technologies
  4. The functional orientation of various projects
  5. Preparing ERP systems for new business