Volvo showed a concept with a big monitor at the IAA (Photo: Volvo)

FRANKFURT - A senior Volvo executive said the next version of the XC90, which will be launched in 2014, will likely have a big portrait-layout monitor not unlike the display in Tesla's new Model S.

Volvo unveiled a concept coupe at the Frankfurt auto show (IAA) that featured such a monitor. It is one of three concepts the Swedish carmaker is unveiling to show the design direction it is taking with future models.

When asked whether the vertically positioned display would be in the XC90 production car, Thomas Mueller, Volvo's vice president electrical and electronics systems, said: "Yes, you'll see the next HMI in such a form; it may not be 100 pc,  but it will be very close to what you see in the concept, especially when looking at the center stack."

Tesla's Model S has a 17 inch touchscreen that allows the driver to easily control a range of car functions.

Mueller, who was speaking at the Mobility 3.0 Congress here, identified three communication channels for the networked vehicle: car-to-car, car-to-infrastructure and car-to-backend. Volvo's roadmap for future networked services includes a range of new functions, partly grouped under the brand's new infotainment system "Sensus Connect."

The Mobility 3.0 Congress is organized each year by the automotiveIT Group.