The annual CeBIT digital trade fair will have as one of its themes “Work and Life with the Cloud.” The fair will take place March 1 through March 5, 2011, in Hanover, Germany.

Few IT issues are as hotly debated. “Cloud computing is on its way to revolutionize the entire IT world,” said Ernst Raue, board member of CeBIT organizers Deutsche Messe.

According to market researchers Gartner, global sales of Cloud-related services will jump to 68.3 billion dollars this year, up 16.6 percent. Gartner sees sales of almost 150 billion dollars by 2014.

The high growth is driven by easier mobile internet access and higher bandwidth availability. The trend means IT companies are facing growing demand for Cloud offerings.

Said Raue: “IT service providers are called upon to rework their business models to capitalize on the enormous potential of cloud computing,”