Bosch's CES show car demonstrates a new HMI dimension (Photo: Bosch)

LAS VEGAS -- Robert Bosch will offer an eCall emergency warning system that can be retrofitted. The supplier's eCall automatic emergency notification system, launched in 2012, had previously only been available as standard equipment on new vehicles.

Bosch's aftermarket system, which is plugged into a car’s cigarette lighter, uses a sensor unit designed to detect collisions and send the relevant information to a service center. That service center can then contact the driver or notify emergency services.

ECall is becoming mandatory in all member nations of the European Union.

In a press briefing at CES, Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner underlined how the supplier group is betting on the internet of things for future growth. Bosch has, for several years, been building up its software expertise across all its business areas.

Bosch employs 55,000 people in R&D, of which one-third are software engineers working solely on IoT technologies, Denner said.

With a focus on sensors, software, and services, "we’re more than just a solutions provider for the internet of things ”“ we’re a fundamental enabler of it," Denner said.

The Bosch CEO also announced that it will offer a cloud-based wrong-way driver alert system in the US and other countries later this year. The system relies on a software module that compares the movement of a vehicle on a freeway with the permitted direction of travel.

Bosch will have a show car at CES with a a dashboard and central console that have been transformed into an electronic display. The information on the display changes as the car's surroundings change. Bosch said the car is designed to show a new dimension of human-machine interaction.

-By Arjen Bongard