Volvo believes that autonomous cars require better connectivity technology (Photo: Volvo)

LAS VEGAS -- Volvo Cars and technology company Ericsson are developing intelligent, high-bandwidth streaming capabilities for cars, the Swedish automotive group said.

On the eve of the CES consumer electronics show, Volvo said the technology will be important for autonomous cars and will also provide infotainment benefits for drivers and passengers.

Autonomous driving, which most carmakers expect to become reality in the next 1o to 20 years, will require consistent, high-bandwidth connectivity, which currently is not provided everywhere by network operators.

Volvo will rely on Ericsson's network and cloud expertise to deliver such connectivity. The technology will predict a driver's route and look ahead at network conditions. Content can then be tailored to the specific trip and intelligently buffered to provide a consistent connection to the car.

The project will focus heavily on video streaming. “Our research shows that almost 70 per cent of all mobile data traffic will be from video in the coming years," Claes Herlitz, head of automotive services at Ericsson, said in a press statement.

"This requires an innovative connectivity, cloud and analytics solution that is not only capable of serving multiple moving vehicles across a highway," he added, "but also has the capacity to provide the high quality, uninterrupted video service today’s consumer is accustomed to."

-By Arjen Bongard