Image: Commsignia

V2X provider Commsignia, based in Santa Clara, California, has announced two new products to support the Cellular Vehicle-To-Everything (C-V2X) and 5G ecosystem. Its roadside and onboard units, ITS-RS4 and ITS-OB4 respectively, use the Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X chipset for radio communication and are offered as standalone products or with dedicated short-range communication configurations.

These units work with Commsignia’s current V2X software stack and application platform, which are available on licence to OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, and are designed to enable custom development by clients. The ITS-RS4 roadside infrastructure platform, said to allow self-driving cars to ‘see around the corner’, has been deployed in Las Vegas to support the Lyft and Navya self-driving vehicles operating there.

Commsignia CEO Jozsef Kovacs said in a statement: “We are very proud to be among the first companies to design and launch C-V2X roadside units and onboard units that feature both C-V2X and DSRC/ITS-G5 direct communication modes. Offering our customers a flexible solution enables them to validate and develop C-V2X-based solutions. This launch gives us global market coverage in terms of radio technology, and allows us to cater to all end customers regardless of their preference on the communication medium, leaving the decision on the technology options with them.”

-Farah Alkhalisi