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    Survey: Independent IT consultants earn 79 euros an hour


    As the role of IT grows, consultants can charge higher rates (Photo: Kuka) Independent IT and engineering consultants can command higher fees as demand for IT services continues to pick up, according to a survey of German IT specialists. According to the survey, which was conducted this month by ...

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    Study: In-house consultants on the rise


    In-house consultants are increasingly preferred over outside service providers, according to a study by Luenendonk, a German IT consultancy and market researcher. Luenendonk polled 19 German consultancy companies and four buyers of consultancy services in a study called “The status quo and positioning of in-house consulting units 2010.” “Companies’ internal ...

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    Project management grows in importance


    Project management is no longer a matter of having good software.In the current difficult economic climate, corporate decision makers see that good project management can help improve financial results. “The top trend in 2011 is the anchoring of project management in the boardroom,”said Michael Streng, CEO of German project management ...