In-car content and Apps are becoming standard in new passenger cars (Photo: Delphi)

Telematics Update will hold a conference on in-car content and Apps in Munich April 18-19, focusing on one of the fastest growing areas of the global auto industry.

The conference will look at the market for mobile apps, which is expected to total 24 billion euros by 2016. The two-day event will bring together automaker executives and app developers as they look for new business opportunities in in-car content.

Top-level auto-industry speakers include Mikael Gustavsson, director connectivity at Volvo Cars; Reinhard Jurk, head of business development at BMW; Candido Peterlini, director of product concept-infotainment at Fiat; and Martin Wiecker, who is in charge of global driver assistance & active safety at Ford Motor.

On the supplier, electronics and mobile communications side, speakers will include: Floris van de Klashorst, director of Nokia's automotive operations; Paolo Bertoldo, telematics sales leader at Magneti Marelli; Rick Kreifeldt vice president at Harman; and Andrew Pollak, director for automotive business development at QNX.

More information on the conference can be found here.