German automotive supplier Continental would like to see a masterplan for e-mobility in Germany.

“Continental is totally convinced that electro-mobility is on the brink of an exceptional development. Germany as an automotive nation has a chance to take pole position and become a leading supplier for electromobility,” said Continental CEO Elmar Degenhart.

Speaking at a conference hosted by Germany’s VDE electronics and IT industry association, Degenhart also said Germany requires a “masterplan” that takes into account the many different challenges and takes an “interdisciplinary approach” to finding solutions.

“All partners should work together: the car and energy industries, city and traffic planners, IT experts, desingers, institutions, fleet managers, scientists, politicians, administrations and many others,” Degenhart said.

The supplier executive predicted a future where different types of vehicles will be used for different purpoes. “There won’t be any all-purpose cars anymore by 2050,” he said. “The electric vehicle will come ”“ in the city and for short distances rather than for country and long-distance driving.”

And he added that there will be many hybrid solutions. The combustion engine, moreover, will play a significant role during a transitional period and it still has a lot of potential, Degenhart said.

Continental will start building a complete electrical powertrain for a European car in 2011. The supplier has an annual production capacity of 60,000 electrical motors for this purposes at a plant in Gifhorn, Germany.