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Bicycles play a big role in Copenhagen’s transportation system (Photo: Wikimedia)

The city of Copenhagen is set to implement a high-tech traffic management system it hopes will reduce average CO2 emissions of city traffic.

The city has awarded a 10 million euro contract to Dutch technical services provider Imtech to put in place a system that covers all 365 road junctions in Copenhagen. Imtech's traffic management technology will use a combination of simulation, real-time control and communicationto improve traffic flows in the city. Priority willbe given to cyclists and public transport through up-to-date travel information and the creation of so-called "green waves."

"The aim is to achieve optimal traffic flow with as few CO2 emissions as possible," Imtech said in a press release. The traffic controllers the company willbe using is partly the result of several European pilot and research projects.

Traffic is responsible for 21 pc of Copenhagen's overall CO2 emissions, but the city wants to reduce that total to 10 pc by 2015.

Imtech is involved in traffic management projects across Europe. It specializes in urban and interurban markets but also has a broad portfolio of services for other industries.