covisint.automotiveITCovisint has launched a new cloud-based collaboration platform for automotive suppliers.

The US based cloud services company, which is a subsidiary of technology group Compuware, said its new global platform connects more than 80,000 organizations and eight major auto manufacturers.

Covisint has teamed up with Akamai, a US based provider of cloud optimization services, for the new platform. The Akamai NetAlliance will let Covisint offer quick response times globally and strengthen security. Akamai's services also allow organizations to run applications in parallel, which means they can add new groups of users of a cloud-based application without overburdening the system or support staff.

Covisint CEO David McGuffie promised a "highly collaborative and engaging user experience for OEMs and their global supply chain partners." And he said customers would see "quantifiable performance improvements" from the platform.

Akamai's senior vice president Global Channels, Brad Rinklin, said the partnership combines Covisint's secure cloud platform and portal framework with his company's security and performance-boosting services. Said Rinklin: "Combining secure access and industry-leading web optimization has the potential to redefine successful cloud engagement for an entire industry."