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    Survey: Manufacturing companies under threat from cybercrime


    Manufacturing companies are particularly threatened by surging levels of cybercrime, according to a new study. Germany's high-tech industry association Bitkom polled 504 manufacturers and found that two thirds of them had been the target of data theft, industrial esponiage or sabotage in the past two years. Bitkom puts the financial ...

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    Newspaper: Bosch insures against cybercrime


    Robert Bosch has taken out a 100 million euro insurance policy to safeguard its operations against cybercrime, according to a report in the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. The policy was issued by a consortium led by German insurer Allianz, according to the report. It also includes industrial insurance specialist Ace ...

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    Employers fail to prevent data crime - German survey


    Many German workers don't get guidelines on dealing with computer threats (Photo: Wikimedia) Many employers don't properly guard against computer crime and leave their workers to deal with IT security, according to a German survey. The country's high-tech association, BITKOM, polled workers on these issues and found that 21 ...

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    GM CIO in interview: Protecting GM electronically is my top priority


    DETROIT - Whether General Motors or Toyota or, before too long, Volkswagen is the world's biggest automaker is a subject of debate. What's not in dispute is that GM, with 176 plants in 31 countries, 20 engineering centers and more than 200,000 employees worldwide, is a complex, multifaceted global corporation ...

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    More cyber attacks in Germany, govt agency warns


    BSI President Lange told reporters while presenting his 2011 report that cyber security problems are growing in Germany (Photo: BSI) A government agency that monitors dangers to IT users painted a dismal picture of IT security in Germany, saying cyber attacks are on the rise and many of them are ...

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    Opinion: Companies need to act to ward off cybercrime


    By Hilmar Dunker IT systems are under attack. They always have been. But recently, hackers, spammers and other cybercriminals have stepped up the pace. Hence, it's time to move IT security higher up the corporate priority list. Study after study shows that the security situation in many companies is precarious. ...

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    Germany tops European cybercrime list


    Cyber attacks are growing worldwide (Source: Symantec) Germany comes in at the top of a European cybercrime list published by internet safety and security group Symantec. In its 16th annual Internet Security Threat Report, the US based software company paints a worrisome picture of growing cybercrime. In 2010 alone, Symantec ...