Renata Jungo Bruengger (Photo: Daimler)

Daimler has appointed Renata Jungo Bruengger as board member for integrity and legal affairs, succeeding Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt, who is joining the Volkswagen Group.

Jungo Bruengger, 54, is an expert in international commercial law with 25 years of legal experience at various companies. She has been head of legal at Daimler since November 2011.
"Renata Jungo Brüngger will make a major contribution to the further development of Daimler’s high standards in the fields of integrity, compliance and legal affairs,” Supervisory Board Chairman Manfred Bischoff said in a statement.
Jungo Bruengger previously worked at Emerson Electric, Metro Holding, law firm Baer & Karrer and Bank Clariden Leu. She is a Swiss citizen.
Hohmann-Dennhardt is moving to Volkswagen to help it revamp its corporate culture in the wake of revelations that the carmaker had tampered with emission tests to meet environmental standards.