Daimler hopes tiramizoo will help broaden its new-mobility product offerings (Photo: tiramizoo)

Daimler is further developing new mobility services through the acquisition of a minority stake in a company that runs a small automated online booking platform.

The company, Munich-based tiramizoo, was founded a year ago and operates a booking platform for local urban delivery services in Munich and 10 other German cities.

Daimler, which is rapidly expanding its short-term urban car rental business with its car2go subsidiary, said the tie-up with tiramizoo will allow the further development of tiramizoo's platform and its extension across Germany and internationally. It should also help the German car and truck maker to develop new services aimed at letting customers make better use of available transport capacity

"Our participation in tiramizoo will help to drive the intelligent networking of mobility in urban areas", said Wilfried Steffen, Daimler's head of business innovation.

The online platform operated by tiramizoo already allows couriers in urban areas take on additional orders, thereby improving capacity use and optimizing the flow of goods. Using GPS tracking, tiramizoo's technology can determine the ideal courier and optimal route for every delivery.

Like most other major carmakers, Daimler is looking for new revenues, as growing urbanization deters car buyers and generates interest in car sharing and other new-mobility schemes.

Daimler's car2go operation has 150,000 registered customers. In early 2012, the group acquired an interest in the MyTaxi online booking application and, in July, launched a Stuttgart mobility platform called moovel. Daimler also bought a holding in area and acquired a holding in carpooling.com, the world's largest car-sharing network.