daimler comand online

Daimler’s COMAND Online already offers various Google services to Mercedes drivers (Photo: Daimler)

Daimler said it has signed an agreement with Google to get quicker access to new map technologies developed by the online information and search group.

Under the terms the agreement, which was signed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Daimler will get access to a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) known as Google Maps API for Business. The German premium car maker can use these to develop Cloud-based, map-related applications in its cars and trucks.

Daimler will also get early access to other new Google APIs as they are developed.

The collaboration will let Daimler use Google Maps for its in-car map displays and will allow the carmaker to provide better integration of Google services into the vehicles. That will speed up the adoption of new technologies, the company said.

"These applications significantly accelerate time-to-market in Mercedes-Benz passenger cars," Daimler said in a press release.

Daimler has been working with Google for several years. In 2007, it launched in the US the Google "Send-to-car" functionality, which let customers send desinations from Google Maps to in-vehicle navigation systems.

Last year, the two companies cooperated to provide most Mercedes-Benz models with a system that provides in-car use of Google Street View, Panoramio and local search technologies. The technologies are marketed in Europe as part of the COMAND Online system and will be introduced in the US as mbrace2.

Mercedes-Benz customers also have the opportunity to send individualized routes from Google Maps to their vehicles.