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Daimler CIO Michael Gorriz

Daimler was awarded the 2011 Handelsblatt IT strategy award in recognition of the premium carmaker’s success in using IT to achieve its business goals.

Michael Gorriz, Daimler CIO, accepted the award at a conference on strategic IT  management organized by Handelsblatt, a German busy daily.

The jury that chose Daimler praised the company’s consistency, its broadly-oriented IT policy and the successful cooperation between IT and the rest of the group’s business.

As an example of this cooperation, it cited Daimler’s car2go car-sharing project, where the company’s IT organization played a key role in working out details.

The jury said Daimler’s IT helped boost growth and was instrumental in streamlining processes worldwide.

Gorriz said his goal was to help Daimler create value and identify new business opportunities. Said Gorriz: “In Daimler’s IT organization we’re seeing a change in our role from service provider to competence center for process consultancy.”