Zetsche says in-car deliveries will free up people's time (Photo: IFA)

Daimler will start a test of in-car deliveries this autumn in Germany in an attempt to offer a practical use for new connected technologies.

The German premium brand said the service, which will start in Stuttgart, Cologne, Bonn and Berlin, will allow shoppers with online retailers such as Amazon, Allyouneed fresh and Fashion ID to have parcels delivered directly to the trunk of their car.

Daimler will use its smart brand for the test, retrofitting the small city cars with a connectivity box that will allow shippers to access the vehicles.

"We are working intensively on the question of how cars can help make people's lives easier," Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche said at the annual IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. "If the car receives parcels customers have more time to do things they really enjoy."

The test, which is called "smart ready to drop," will be conducted with international shipper DHL