Delphi's vehicle diagnostics module plugs into a car's OBD port (Photo: Delphi)

WUPPERTAL, Germany --Delphi will introduce in Europe next year a vehicle diagnostics module that allows car owners to remotely monitor several functions of their car.

The unit, which was launched in the US with mobile network operator Verizon recently, will come to market in Europe in 2014. It will likely be sold through a partner channel as Delphi doesn't have a sales infrastructure targeting end users.

The module likely won't be sold under the Delphi brand. In the US, it displays both the Delphi and the Verizon names.

Delphi said it has ambitious sales targets. "We expect very substantial sales," said Detlef Wilke, technical manager at the US based automotive supplier . "We're clearly looking at selling more than 10,000," he said at a press briefing here.

The module has been on sale in the US for only a few weeks at a price of 249 dlrs. Delphi executives said it is too early to comment on sales so far. Pricing for Germany and Europe hasn't been set yet.

Delphi's vehicle diagnostics module plugs into the onboard diagnostics (OBD) ports that are standard on most newer vehicles. Because it has an embedded Sim card and is always online, it allows car owners to troubleshoot and monitor several car functions. It also lets them check vehicle location, track a car's movements and log trip data. In the US version, the module offers functions such as remote starting of the engine and opening or closing doors.

To use the functions, car owners can download apps for Android and Apple iOS-based smartphones. On PCs or Macs, they have regular browser-based access.

Delphi first announced the cloud-based connectivity service at the Las Vegas CES consumer electronics show in January.