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    Survey finds more licensing issues as Cloud and App use grows


    Licensing issues are on the rise as business use of smartphones increases (Photo: LG) Many companies aren't fully prepared to deal effectively with licensing issues related to Cloud computing and mobile smartphone apps, according to a management survey. The poll, carried out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by IT consultancy ...

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    Meet the new CIO: study shows role should be split


    The traditional responsibilities of the CIO would be better handled by two separate top executives, according to a survey of 1,000 managers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. According to the study, carried out by consultants Detecon with the help of Germany's hi-tech association Bitkom, companies need a stronger separation between ...

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    Detecon consultants: Retail needs upgraded CRM systems


    Car retailers need to quickly change their customer relationship management (CRM) systems to deal with the big changes taking place in the auto industry. According to a study by Germany’s Detecon Consulting, car buyers perceive traditional combustion-engine technology as outdated, but they don’t know enough yet about new technologies. For ...