Here's Rabel: "Intelligent cars need high-definition maps"

HANOVER -- Here needs help from millions of cars to keep its digital maps updated, a senior company executive said Tuesday.

Dietmar Rabel, director of product management for global automated driving cloud products, told the carIT Congress here that, as cars become increasingly automated, traditional map data gathering through the use of company vehicles is no longer sufficient to update maps.

"Intelligent cars need high-definition maps and these need to have the ability to heal themselves by way of the crowd," Rabel said.

He added that so-called self-healing maps will need large amounts of vehicle sensor data. "That requires millions of vehicles."

Rabel said that, with data volumes in maps growing exponentially, users often will only need a small part of the information.

"The map of the future will function like Spotify," he said. "It delivers exactly the kind of information that I want to have at a particular moment."

The carIT Congress is taking place during the IAA commercial vehicle exhibition here. The conference brings together 400 automotive and IT executives.

-By Arjen Bongard