Pirelli’s has introduced Cyber Fleet Smart and Cyber Fleet Gate, revised versions of its Cyber Fleet cloud based tyre management tool first introduced in 2012.

The Milanese company says that the solution has been redesigned from the ground up, “bringing it closer to the needs of transport companies”.

Pirelli is hoping that the two new solutions will appeal to fleet owners across different transportation sectors, including leasing firms and bus companies.

The company has been pushing its digital credentials in recent years by developing sensors that sit inside the tyre rather than on the rim.

Pirelli claims these can produce accurate real-time monitoring of temperature and pressure quite different to that from a rim-based sensor.

"It is also the only technology to offer a dynamic measure of tyre wear, which is calculated by running the car’s data through a specially-developed algorithm before feeding it back to the driver." said Luigi Staccoli, executive vice-president, digital at Pirelli.

He says that the systems can also deliver data on the static vertical load – the downward force applied to the tyre – although this is likely to be more useful for a car maker than a driver.

"It’s a figure that is particularly important for electric vehicles because it has an impact on how long the battery charge lasts and could be used to modify the settings of the car." said Staccoli.

"By knowing the car’s accurate weight, the vehicle’s central control unit can calculate more precisely just how many kilometres can be driven before a recharge is needed."

Pirelli is not alone among the big tyre makers in developing IoT and data based applications. Bridgestone is developing its My Speedy app for the consumer market and Fleet Pulse management systems for the fleet industry.

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Meanwhile, Goodyear announced its Intelligent Tire prototype at the Geneva Motor show this year, which uses similar data and cloud technology to that at Pirelli.

Manufacturers are looking beyond the business of just making tyres and see opportunities from upselling the data generated from tyre and car usage into new services.

"The beauty of digital platforms is that they are never finished; you can always find improvements or modifications that will be useful to the end user. And work continues on the services that can be provided through such platforms such as car valeting, roadside assistance and servicing." said Pirelli's Staccoli.

Pirelli Cyber Fleet Smart

The Cyber Fleet Smart system is a plug and play solution, composed of sensors fitted to the inner liner of the tyre which communicate directly to a free Smart App which can be installed onto the smartphone of the fleet manager, vehicle driver, or owner. The users of the App can configure their fleets as they wish, and have updated vehicle data always at hand. Whenever the tyres are checked sensors send information about pressures and temperatures directly to the Smart App and alarms are triggered in case of any issue. Tyre checks now take a matter of seconds compared to the traditional 15/20 minutes required for the manual operation.

The tyre status data obtained is then transmitted to the Pirelli cloud and shared with any devices the customer has authorised. Monthly, the customer will receive a tyre usage report with information about the efficiency of his fleet. Cyber Fleet Smart is quick, easy to install and requires no additional hardware or subscription.

Source: Pirelli 

Pirelli Cyber Fleet Gate

Maintaining all of the features of the Cyber Fleet Smart solution, Cyber Fleet Gate is an evolution of the Smart and includes remote tyre monitoring activities. A ‘traffic light’ fitted at the warehouse captures data from the sensors and analyses it in real time. A green light comes on if all the tyres are as they should be and a red one comes on if an intervention on one or more tyres is needed.

Cyber Fleet Gate solution also relays information to Cyber Fleet Control which is a web portal that can be consulted at any time by the fleet manager. Every time a vehicle enters or exits the warehouse, the tyres are checked and information is relayed back to the traffic light.

A report also comes with the Gate solution and provides the fleet manager with useful data so that he can best manage his tyres, improve the vehicle efficiency of his fleet, carry out preventative maintenance, and effectively decrease fuel consumption and increase both the safety of his drivers and on the road. As part of the future road map, Cyber Fleet Gate also allows the possibility of integration with the fleet’s management software.