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  • DAB+

    Digital radio reception improved by software upgrade


    Image: Bruce Parrott, The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) has developed a new software-defined DAB+ digital radio solution for automotive application. Its update to its DAB+ software library involves ‘spur suppression’ technology which improves radio reception, enhances the reception sensitivity of radio receivers, extends the range of ...

  • worlddab.automotiveIT

    Driving Digital Radio - Geneva


    WorldDAB is hosting a workshop on the role of digital radio in connected vehicles. The event will take place during the Geneva auto show on March 8, 2016. At the show, several major car brands will display new models that come with digital radio reception built in. The conference will ...

  • WorldDMB.automotiveIT

    Broadcasters press for in-car digital reception


    Expected FM switch-offs across Europe are seen as offering opportunities for digital radio (Photo: WorldDMB) Initiatives to replace FM with digital radio are speeding up across Europe, but the auto industry has been slow to follow suit in the car, broadcast executives say. That may be about to change ...

  • worlddmb.automotiveIT

    WorldDMB Conference - Brussels


    WorldDMB will host an automotive conference and exhibition in Brussels, focusing on the prospects for digital radio in today's and tomorrow's car. The event, which has as its theme "Radio - the best connection in the car," will take place May 20 at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels. The conference ...