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  • kuka chassis build.automotiveIT

    Survey: Independent IT consultants earn 79 euros an hour


    As the role of IT grows, consultants can charge higher rates (Photo: Kuka) Independent IT and engineering consultants can command higher fees as demand for IT services continues to pick up, according to a survey of German IT specialists. According to the survey, which was conducted this month by ...

  • london taxi manganese.automotiveIT

    UK taxi maker delays earnings release, citing IT problems


    Manganese Bronze Holdings said it will delay the release of its six-month earnings statements because IT problems led to accounting errors. The partially Chinese owned maker of the famous London taxi said it needed to restate the results of previous years because of the problems and would announce six-month earnings ...

  • gm 2011 earnings.automotiveIT

    GM global profit jumps despite big losses in Europe


    General Motors Co. on Thursday said net profit jumped 67 pc in 2011, despite a big loss in Europe. The US carmaker posted a net of 7.6 billion dlrs in 2011, up from 4.7 billion dlrs in 2011. In the fourth quarter, earnings m to $468 million from $510 million ...

  • SAP.automotiveIT

    SAP's Q1 after-tax profit rose 4 pc to 403 million euros


    SAP said after-tax profit rose 4 pc from a year earlier to 403 million euros in the first quarter of 2011 as software and services revenue increased sharply. The German business software group said overall sales rose 21 pc to 3.02 billion euros, with services revenue jumping 20 pc to ...