(Graphic: EMC)

Independent IT divisions could be gone in three years, according to a majority of IT executives polled by EMC.

The cloud computing specialist in February interviewed 2,741 IT decision makers and business managers across companies in 13 countries. One of the key findings was that 58 pc of CIOs polled expect their IT organization to all but disappear as an independent division by 2019.

The reason: It is likely that the majority of traditional IT tasks will in future be handled in the cloud or by external service providers.

The outcome of the poll reflects the huge challenges faced by CIOs as the role of IT in a rapidly transforming corporate landscape is redefined.

Slightly more than half of executives polled said IT departments slow down innovation in their companies rather than push it. And most expect this situation to deteriorate further.

Corporate IT  generally doesn't have the kind of infrastructure technology required today and lacks the proper management approach, the executives said. They specifically cited a lack of so-called "business alignment," which links IT to other business units.

The survey found that decisions about digitalization in companies is increasingly moving away from IT to other areas of the company. The management board and sales and marketing bosses were seen as gaining an ever bigger say.