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    VW reaches agreement with US authorities on diesel manipulation


    VW is expanding its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee to get ready for production of a new mid-size SUV later this year (Photo: VW) Volkswagen Group said it had reached a settlement with US regulators, private plaintiffs and 44 US states on penalties to pay for manipulating the emissions of ...

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    Automakers: New emissions test regime needed


    (Photo: Ruben de Rijcke Automakers conceded that laboratory tests of exhaust emissions don't accurately reflect real driving conditions and called for the adoption of a new test regime. Germany's Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) and the UK Department for Transport last week released reports showing that emissions from ...

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    Audi admits defeat devices present in bigger US engines


    Audi expects it will cost 10s of millions of euros to bring engines in line with US law (Photo: Audi) Audi admitted that so-called defeat devices are present in the US versions of its V6 TDI 3-liter diesel powertrains and promised to update software to bring the engines into ...

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    VW: No forbidden software in 3-liter V6 diesels


    The 2015 Porsche Cayenne diesel was cited by the EPA (Photo: Porsche) Volkswagen, in response to new allegations of illegal software deployment, denied that vehicles with V6 TDI engines sold in the US are equipped with programs that can detect emissions testing cycles and react to them. The US ...

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    Update: VW says 11 million vehicles have test software on board


    The Golf is one of the vehicles affected by the EPA allegations over manipulated diesel emissions (Photo: VW) Volkswagen Group said Tuesday that 11 million of its diesel-powered vehicles are equipped with the engine management software that is the subject of a US regulatory investigation. The statement appeared to ...

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    VW Group fleet sales include more low-emission cars


    Volkswagen Group said its German fleet business showed a clear increase in low-emission vehicles being sold or leased to key accounts. The German carmaker said in a press release that CO2 emissions in its key account business had averaged 136 grams/km in the first half, below the European Union target ...