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    European Parliament agrees digital radio must be in new cars


    In new Audi models, hybrid radio automatically switches between FM, DAB and an online stream, depending on signal strength (Photo: Audi) The European Parliament this week adopted a new communications directive that will require all new cars sold in the European Union to be equipped with digital ...

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    EU countries to act on autonomous driving


    Automakers and EU regulators believe driverless driving will help reduce traffic accidents (Photo: Dutch government) European Union transport ministers agreed this week to take action to make autonomous driving a reality across the 28-nation bloc. The ministers, meeting in Amsterdam, agreed to promote a consistent legal framework for driverless ...

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    Europe's carmakers welcome EU data protection rules


    The European carmakers association, ACEA, welcomed a European Parliament vote on new EU-wide data protection rules, saying the regulation will help clarify the privacy issues surrounding connected cars. "Data protection is an issue automakers take very seriously, as we are committed to providing our customers with a high level of ...

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    WorldDMB Conference - Brussels


    WorldDMB will host an automotive conference and exhibition in Brussels, focusing on the prospects for digital radio in today's and tomorrow's car. The event, which has as its theme "Radio - the best connection in the car," will take place May 20 at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels. The conference ...


    EU's designated digital boss doesn't want Google building cars


    If the European Union gives the green light, Oettinger will become the EU's digital chief in November (Photo: EU) Europe's designated commissioner for the digital economy says Europe has to modernize faster to avoid being overtaken by high-tech companies such as Google. "We shouldn't get to the point that ...

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    Europarliament wants to limit car noise


    The European Parliament, citing health concerns, has drafted legislation to limit new cars' noise later this decade. The parliament also recommended adding sound to hybrid and electric vehicles to alert pedestrians. According to research by the European Environment Agency traffic exposes half of the EU's urban population to noise levels ...

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    Europe's digital to-do list


    Kroes, in charge of the EU's digital agenda, expects a busy 2013 (Photo: EU) The European Commission has published a "digital to-do list" for the European Union's 27 member states in an effort to speed up the development of the internet economy. Neelie Kroes, the European commissioner in charge ...

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    EU's Kroes: IT skills shortage looming large in Europe


    Neelie Kroes wants more digital skills, more innovation and a faster rollout of European broadband networks (Photo: EU) Neelie Kroes warned European Union member states this week that an impending shortage of skilled IT professionals could hurt the economy of the 27-nation bloc. Speaking at a conference in Sofia, ...

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    EU pushes for more access to scientific research


    EU Commissioner Kroes wants the internet to play a key role in easing access to research materials (Photo: EU) The European Commission, in a move to boost innovation in Europe, is pushing to make scientific information more easily available to everyone. The governing body of the 27-nation European Union will ...

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    Brussels to CIOs: help build a digital single market


    Kroes: CIO views matter EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes last week called on CIOs to help improve Europe's IT infrastructure by together building an EU-wide digital single market. In a speech on the occasion of the European CIO of the Year award, Kroes said CIOs from both the public and private ...