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EU Commissioner Kroes hopes EU strategies will help define global standards in cloud computing

Neelie Kroes urged Europe's IT industry last week to "aim high" and help Brussels forge a truly European Cloud computing strategy.

The European commissioner in charge of Europe's digital agenda said data protection, interoperability and standardization are three of the core objectives of her policies.

Kroes cited a World Economic Forum report that said 90 pc of suppliers and users of cloud services consider privacy risks a "very serious" impediment to widespread cloud adoption. Europe needs to turn its strong track record in data protection into a competitive advantage, she said.

Kroes also stressed that interoperability is key to a strong IT market. "In a truly competitive digital single market, users must be able to change their cloud provider easily," she said at the opening of the Brussels-based Microsoft Center on Cloud Computing and Interoperability.

International standardization, Kroes said, will also have a major impact on cloud computing. "Open specifications are a key in creating competitive and flourishing markets that deliver what customers need," she said.

Brussels is keen to have all players in the EU work together. "This has got to be a European strategy," Kroes said, "because without full coordination, we will fall short of our potential."

Though Kroes' remit is European, she hopes to find and implement solutions that will go beyond Europe's 27 member EU. Said the commisioner: "The holy grail is actually finding global solutions, working through bodies like the G20 and others."