The third international "EV Battery Tech" conference, which will take place in London March 30-31, features a range of expert presentations and discussions on the state of battery technology today.

The conference takes place at atime when electric vehicles are making their initial push into the global auto market. Automakers realize, however, that limited battery capacity and the resulting relatively short range of electric cars are among the biggest drawbacks in introducing the new technology.

EV Battery Tech will feature speakers from some of the key players in the electric-vehicle revolution. Scheduled to present are, among others, Graham Smith, executive adviser at Toyota; Ayoul Grouvel, head of electric vehicles at PSA/Peugeot-Citroen; Jerome Perrin, r&d director at Renault; and Uwe Likar, Mitsubishi's manager advanced engineering planning.

Also speaking will be executives from Think, Tata Motors, Ford and other companies that are in the process of rolling out electric vehicles.

The two-day conference, which will be followed by a day of workshops on April 1, aims to look closely at strategies to reduce the cost of batteries and increase their density, lifecycle, range and safety.

More information about the conference can be found here.