To build up his IT operations, Randy Mott has hired thousands of IT professionals over the past year (Photo: Larry A. Peplin)

General Motors CIO Randy Mott is confident he's making progress in his three-year drive to overhaul IT operations at North America's largest automaker.

In an interview with automotiveIT, Mott cited "a lot of blocking and tackling" he had to do in 2013, referring to the often unglamorous work handled by American football's defense players on the field.

"There will be less of that in 2014 and more emphasis on innovation in 2014," he said.

Mott is a keynote speaker at the automotiveIT Congress in Hanover March 13.

The three-year IT transformation at GM is now at the midway point. Mott has brought most of previously outsourced IT services in-house, he has hired thousands of IT professionals and he he has established new "innovation centers," which should help the automaker's business.

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