Ford at 2012 Auto China

Nigel Harris, general manager of China’s Changan Ford Sales Company, shows the new Ford Focus ST at the Beijing Auto Show (Photo: Ford)

Ford is expanding the infotainment options in its new Chinese Focus model by integrating the popular Baidu Ting and QQ Music applications.

The services will be available at no additional cost via smartphones that are connected to the carmaker's voice-operated SYNC system.

Ford said the integration was driven by the proliferation of smartphones in China and the popularity there of the two services.

"We recognize that more drivers are using smartphone apps while driving," said Ed Pleet, regional director for Ford's connected services group. "More and more, people want to take control of where and when they listen to music, and SYNC’s integration with Baidu Ting and QQ Music gives customers yet another source of music while driving,” he added.

Fleet also said in a press release that the agreement with Baidu Ting and QQ "marks the beginning of a long-term partnership which will result in deeper and richer voice integration with the music apps."

The music streams can be accessed in the new Ford Focus through a USB port or via a Bluetooth connection.