Ford Motor is conducting 25 mobility experiments (Photo: Ford)

Ford Motor said it would study companies such as Apple and Amazon to learn how to successfully manage a major industry transformation.

Ford Motor CEO Mark Fields, in an address to the International CAR Symposium in Bochum, Germany, announced that the US-based carmaker has entered into a research cooperation with Aachen University to launch the so-called "Personal Mobility Experience Innovation" project.

The collaboration is part of some 25 projects Ford has launched under the umbrella of its Ford Smart Mobility strategy, which aims to identify features, technologies, services and solutions to meet people's changing personal mobility needs.

Apple and Amazon are examples of companies that have expanded from single-product and service providers to enterprises that deliver a full ecosystem of hardware and software platforms and services, Ford said in a press release.

"The project will identify how such approaches could deliver enhanced car-ownership experiences; new approaches to car-sharing and personalization of mobility solutions; and create innovative features and new business opportunities," Ford said.

The automaker is also contributing to a UK government-sponsored project called UK Autodrive. The initiative will look at how driverless and connected cars can be integrated into everyday life. Other carmakers are also participating in the project.