Ford is looking at space technology to build robust connectivity (Photo: Ford Motor)

Ford Motor Company and Russia's St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University are in the final phases of research on advanced automotive connectivity. The project uses telematics expertise gained in space robot communications.

“The challenge of creating a robust wireless communications network is shared between the space and automotive industries,” said Oleg Gusikhin, a technical leader at Ford Motor. He added that the project aims to offer "more reliable communications technology for the future of connected vehicles.”

If those vehicles are going to rely on constant car-to-x communication, connections need to be more robust than they are today. Hence, the goal of the three-year joint project was to develop such connections between drivers and service providers. Ford said it wanted to make sure communication between vehicles and the cloud could be maintained, even in conditions of poor connectivity.

Vladimir Zaborovsky, the head of telematics at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, said the solutions developed "are of high reliability, scaleability and adaptability, and they open broad prospects for application ”“ both in transportation logistics and in space robotics."