Assystem, in a move to enhance its offering of embedded systems, is buying Berner & Mattner, a German embedded electronics specialist. The transaction is expected to be concluded in a fewdays.

The French engineering and innovation consultancy said, in a press statement, that  the acquisition would strengthen its position in electronic and IT embedded systems, boosting its revenue in this sector to 100 million euros.

The addition of the German company will grow the combined group’s business in the European  - and German - automotive, aerospace, defense and transportation industries, Assystem said.

“This is a first step for Assystem on the path of reaching a significant and broader position on the German engineering market,” the company said.

Assystem employs more than 8,500 people. Its revenues rose 3.6 pc to 470.2 million euros in the first nine months of 2010.

Berner & Mattner, which specializes in the specification, development and testing of embedded electronic systems, had revenue of 28 million euros in 2010. The company , which employs 286 people, has grown strongly in recent years, Assystem said.

The market for electronic and IT embedded systems has grown by 7% a  year since 2002 and should continue to expand, according to a French government report . France and Germany are the major players in this fast-growing engineering market segment, Assystem said.