(Photo: VDA)

This year's Frankfurt Auto Show will kick off with two press days September 12 and 13 and will then continue through September 24.

The show, officially known as the IAA, takes place every other year. The exhibition, the world's biggest car show, is held at the Frankfurt Fairgrounds.

In 2015, the last time it took place, the IAA featured 1,103 exhibitors from 39 countries. More than 900,000 people came to Frankfurt for the show.

This year's event has as its motto "Future Now," which underlines the radical changes that the auto industry is already undergoing as it transforms itself for changing customer requirements.

Part of the forward-looking focus will come through the so-called "New Mobility World," an exhibition-cum-conference program that looks at the new business models being developed by automakers in cooperation with other stakeholder companies.

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