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The Fraunhofer Institute wants to address companies’ fears of Cloud computing (Photo: Fraunhofer)

Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology has developed a data encryption solution to make Cloud computing safer.

The Institute's OmniCloud software, which runs at a customer's site, encrypts all data before they are sent to the Cloud. In addition, the software can "translate" between different Cloud application program interfaces.

That means companies can access OmniCloud over the API of a major provider and then transmit data to another provider and his API. That would make a Cloud user provider-independent.

Fraunhofer said the software solution aims to deal with companies' fears that they will lose control over their data when they adopt a Cloud strategy.

The Institute said companies are particularly worried that important data will be read by others.

They also don't want to be locked in to one Cloud provider. That is "because adapting processes often comes with considerable costs, the provider's interfaces are proprietary and functionalities differ," Fraunhofer said.

Cloud computing is one of the major IT trends of the early 21st century. But surveys of IT managers show that smaller and mid-sized companies in particular have been hesitant to move data and applications to the Cloud.