Ipetronik has launched a new uninterruptable power supply (UPS) for mobile data acquisition systems.

The German maker of mobile automotive measurement modules said the M-Series UPS has an integrated high-performance battery that picks up when the system is temporarily decoupled from a vehicle’s main power supply.

When the battery is fully charged, it covers a period lasting from one to four minutes, depending on the ambient temperature.

The supply voltage range is between 6 V DC and 36 V DC, the operating temperature range is between ”“40 degrees centigradeand +75 degrees centigrade at a relative humidity of 5 pc to 95 pc. Maximum power consumption is 100 watts.

Harry Stoerzer, application and support manager, said in a press statement that the M-UPS was specifically designed to ofer a compact solution for buffering voltage drops during cold-start tests.

Said Stoerzer: “This UPS module permits uninterruptable switchover from the vehicle’s main power system to the battery and back to vehicle system.”