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Autotalks and Fujitsu are counting on strong growth in car-to-car communication (Photo: Fujitsu)

Fujitsu and Autotalks said they will cooperate to make a communication processor that will lay the groundwork for better vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

The Japanese electronics group's European unit, Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe, will build the new processor. It will be developed by Autotalks, an Israel-based fabless semiconductor company specialized in car-to-car communication processors.

The two companies said in a press release that they hope to build "the best vehicle-to-vehicle communication processor at the highest level of reliability."

Autotalks CTO Onn Haran said the planned processor would be "the first and most advanced automotive grade vehicle-to-vehicle chip to the market."

With their joint project, the companies are betting that car-to-car communication will grow rapidly worldwide in coming years.

Autotalks CEO Nir Sasson said the new processor "will be the first to satisfy OEMs and Tier1s’ requirements for vehicle-to-vehicle communication series production.”

The communication processor that Autotalks and Fujitsu plan to launch will support US, EU and Japanese specifications. It will beavailable in 2012 and will have the flexibility to address different configurations desired by automakers and automotive suppliers.