Genivi will hold its annual member meeting at Disneyland outside Paris April 24-27, with more than 500 participants scheduled to attend.

The alliance, whose goal is to develop cross-industry software standards for the development of in-vehicle infotainment, groups automakers, automotive suppliers, telematics and mobile phone companies.

Speaking at a Telematics Update conference in Munich this week, Graham Smethurst, head of infotainment architecture design at BMW, said Genivi will, for the first time address the issue of standards for HMI and automotive App development. An expert group will be established for this in Paris.

Smethurst, one of the founders of the three-year-old alliance, said Genivi's primary goal is to counter the fragmentation that has resulted from more than 100 years of independent technical development by automakers.

"Genivi is about creating critical mass for the auto industry and removing fragmentation," Smethurst said. He added that a standardization of car companies' underlying software architecture for infotainment would make it much easier for App developers to build products for the car industry.