The number of microprocessors in cars is growing exponentially (Photo: Infineon)

Six German auto-industry players have joined forces to improve the robustness of electronics components.

The technology cooperation, which is called RESCAR 2.0, groups automakers Audi and BMW, automotive supplier Robert Bosch and semiconductor maker Infineon and researchers from two Fraunhofer Institutes and several German universities.

RESCAR 2.0 aims at optimizing the entire development process of electrical and electronic components of electromobility systems. The companies want to develop a methodology to capture and process the requirements for new components, conduct robustness analyes and investigate the suitability of components. The parts will include analog and digital circuits in the low-voltage range as well as high-volt mixed signal ICs and sensor systems.

The consortium said in a press release that RESCAR 2.0 is driven by an industry need to deal with the increasing electronic complexity of automotive systems. In addition, the German industry wants to find ways to make sure that electric vehicles, the main beneficiaries of RESCAR 2.0,can equal conventionally powered cars in performance, safety and convenience.