Companies want BPM software to be simple (Photo: Metasonic)

German managers see big savings potential from the use of business process management software, according to a recent poll.

The Software Initiative Germany (SID), an industry association, and software group Metasonic interviewed 100 German business managers and found that 58 pc of them see an industry-wide savings potential of around 5 billion euros. Another 35 pc estimates costs can be reduced by 10 billion euros or more across the country's economy.

Managers were most interested in long-term investment protection and process automation. They also said employees should be able to use BPM systems without any programming or IT knowledge. Simplicity was a key requirement for almost all executives polled.

"The corporate demand for simple and user-friendly BPM solutions continues to grow," said Metasonic CEO Herbert Kindermann. Kindermann also is head of the SID's Quo Vadis BPM forum, a subcommittee that looks in particular at BPM-related issues.

"The various company departments are increasingly supported by IT and it is important that the two sides work together harmoniously to be commercially successful," Kindermann said in a press statement. "That takes some pressure off of IT departments and boosts innovation."

Executives's top 10 BPM wishlist looks like this:

  1. Departments can do their own process optimization
  2. Simple process modeling
  3. Simple and user-friendly operation
  4. Simple management, monitoring and optimization of business processes
  5. Long-term investment protection
  6. Cost reduction through process automation
  7. Enhancement of flexibility
  8. Lowering of error rate
  9. Short implementation timeframe
  10. System- and platform-independent solution.