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Japan’s NHK TV continues to report on efforts to contain the country’s worst nuclear accident

German electronics companies are beginning to register component shortages resulting from a Japanese earthquake and the resulting nuclear accident.

According to a spot survey conducted by Germany's BITKOM high-tech association, producers and resellers of information and communication technology as well as consumer electronics products are beginning to lack some components they need for their products.

Four out of five companies in the sector receive intermediate products, or components such as wafers, chips or sensors from Japan. And of those polled, 17 pc are registering shortages. In addition, 19 pc are expecting shortages to arise in coming weeks, while 29 pc foresee problems "in coming months." Only 20 pc didn't expect any impact from developments in Japan.

The BITKOM survey also showed that many companies in Germany expect product prices to rise as Japanese deliveries shrink. Twenty-one pc expect price increases in coming weeks, 17 pc see prices rise in coming months and only 19 pc don't expect any impact on prices.

In 2010, Germany imported 3.4 billion euros worth of Japanese high-tech products. That total is made up of 1.6 billion euros in intermediate goods and 1.8 billion eurosin finished products.