German electrical and electronic products makers set an export record in the first six months of the year.

The companies exported 74 billion euros worth of products, up 11 pc from a year earlier, according to the ZVEI, the country's electrical and electronics industry association.

Exports to China and the US were big factors in the solid performance. Exports to China were up 25 pc, while exports to the US jumped 21 pc.

The strong export performance was held back by a small 2 pc decline in June, the first drop since November 2009. But the ZVEI noted that the decline, in part, reflected exceptionally high exports in June, 2010, when they had soared 35 pc from year-earlier levels.

The June 2011 decline may have been a slight factor in the lower export expectations that the ZVEI registered with German companies. But despite the slightly more negative sentiment, 76 pc of companies still expected their exports to grow or remain stable in the next quarter.

Imports of electrical and electronics products rose 5 pc in the first half to 63 billion euros. Imports dropped 9 pc to 10 billion euros in June.