iPad sales are expected to grow by 650% in the next two years (Photo:Apple)

German corporate IT departments are struggling with increasing demands that they allow iPads and iPhones for company business.

A study conducted by analysts at Experton on behalf of IT services company Computacenter, found that the use of Apple's iPhones and iPads within companiesis growing 38 pc and 42 pc, respectively, this year.

But they also found that many IT departments, citing integration, management and security problems, don't allow employees to use the devices for business purposes.

"There's just no personnel to deal with the integration of tablet PCs and the management of heterogeneous infrastructures," Wolfgang Schwab, senior adviser and program manager at Experton, said in a press release.

Experton found that 78 pc of IT decision makers polled don't allow iPads because they don't yet have suitable applications for the tablet PCs. Another 78 pc didn't see an immediate need for iPad usage and 69 pc cited security concerns.

Experton's Schwab said the dilemma that has been triggered by more and more employees wanting to use their own devices in work settings is not surprising. He said the average workplace, whose technical maintenance was often outsourced, is characterized by aging IT and lagging innovation.

"The same management that for cost reasons pushed outsourcing now wants to use iPads and iPhones," he said.

The Experton analysts believe that, despite the implementation difficulties, iPads and iPhones will be acceptable end-user devices in the near to medium term. Sales of iPads are expected to grow 650 pc in the next two years, they predict.

Said Schwab: "One thing is clear: The consumerization of IT, bring-your-own-device and mobility are trends that cannot be stopped."