The new platform hopes to turn big data into smart data (Photo: KIT)

A German research institute has launched a "Smart Data Innovation Lab" to develop tools to handle large amounts of data. The venture, led by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), is supported by industrial companies Bayer, Bosch, EnBW, IBM, SAP, Siemens and Software AG.

"We will jointly develop new algorithms and instruments to manage large amounts of data and make them useful sources of knowledge for our society," said Wilfried Juling, who heads KIT's department for Information technology, economy and society."

The new platform will focus in particular on energy, smart cities, health and industry 4.0. The researchers want to identify 30 smart-data projects for which they will develop new analytical functions. Projects could, for example, focus on decentralized energy markets, high-water protection or personalized medicine.

The platform will have access to data from industrial processes. The results of the various projects will be available to participating companies.