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Drivers worry about being distracted but they also appreciate new safety and comfort features

For most drivers many new electronics functions in passenger cars are difficult to manage, according to a recent survey carried out in Germany by DEKRA, a major testing and certification company.

In the survey, 77 pc of all drivers had trouble operating in-car electronic devices, with 40 pc worried that too much technology can be a distraction.

Despite those worries, 78 pc of drivers polled were also convinced that new technology helps make driving safer and more comfortable.

With 74 pc of all drivers using in-car navigation systems, 12 pc of those polled found these hard to use. Operating multi-purpose controls was seen as complex by 13 pc, while 11 pc said they had difficulties operating telephone and audio systems.

The survey found that more female drivers - 46 pc - were worried about driver distraction than men - 37 pc.

The results of the poll were roughly similar for young and old drivers. Around 20 pc of drivers under 25 expressed a desire to have more operational comfort in the car, while 18 pc of all other age groups had a similar wish.

The study will be presented to Germany's parliament on March 29.