The Juqueen supercomputer has as much power as 100,000 PCs (Photo: Juelich Research Center)

Researchers at the Juelich Research Center near Aachen in western Germany started work with a new high-performance computer that is the fastest supercomputer in Europe and the fifth-fastest worldwide.

The computer, which is an IBM BlueGene/Q system based on the IBM power architecture, is called Juqueen. It can reach a performance of 5 petaflops, which equals 5 quadrillion operations per second.

"With Juqueen the Juelich Research Center positions itself again as a leading site for scientific calculations", said Chairman Achim Bachem. He added that the system will help conduct climate and atmosphere simulations, create comprehensive models of the human brain and galaxies, and study new materials.

The supercomputer is as powerful as 100,000 PCs together, which makes it ideally suited for intensive, highly scalable applications that can run in parallel on large numbers of compute cores.