Live car-to-X tests will be conducted in and around Frankfurt (Photo: SimTD)

Germany is getting ready for a large field test of car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication.

SimTD, which is the German acronym for Safe Intelligent Mobility - Test Area Germany, this week presented asystem that will be tested with a fleet of 120 vehicles on German roads in and around Frankfurt from the spring of 2012.

The technology uses a range of new systems that provide road works and obstacle information, emergency vehicle warning, traffic sign and traffic light assistance, adaptive traffic signal controls and other functions aimed at making driving safer.

Christian Weiss, the Daimler executive coordinating the project, said simTD aims to let vehicles from leading German manufacturers network with each other and with the traffic infrastructure.

"Car-to-X communication will make driving safer, more convenient and more efficient," he said in a press release.

The simTD research project wants to test how car-to-X communication functions in a day-to-day setting. The project is supported by the German government and the country's major automakers and suppliers all participate.