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Global IT demand continues to rise despite the Japanese earthquake and weak consumer spending in some European countries (Photo: Infineon)

The global IT market is set to top 1 trillion euros in 2012, according to the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO).

The IT researchers expect the market to grow 4.3 pc to 963.4 billion euros this year, despite negative factors that could have dampened growth.

"Neither the earthquake in Japan nor the fiscal policy uncertainties in Europe have a big impact on global IT demand," said August-Wilhelm Scheer, president of BITKOM. Germany's high-tech association provided some of the EITO data in a press release.

BITKOM said the growth in IT demand is driven by China, Russia, India and Brazil. "The aspiring economies are investing massively in modern technology," Scheer said.

EITO expects IT sales in China to grow 11.3 pc to 54.8 billion euros, while Russia and India are likely to see growth of 14.5 pc. In Brazil, IT demand is seen rising 8.7 pc to 23.4 billion euros.

Though global demand isn't seriously affected by natural or man-made problems, BITKOM noted that high official debt and weak consumer spending is affecting IT spending in countries such as Britain, Spain, Greece and Ireland.

In the European Union, EITO expects a 2.9 pc increase in spending to 314.6 billion euros, with Germany, the EU's biggest member economy, growing 4.3 pc.

US IT demand is forecast to increase 3.9 pc to 346.8 billion euros, but demand in Japan is set to drop 1.2 pc to 80.4 billion euros. The decline reflects the impact of a March earthquake and tsunami, which caused major damage to several key hardware and software production facilities and provided a massive blow to consumer confidence.

BITKOM said the Japanese earthquake had led to a major disruption of the global IT supply chain, which has triggered a rethink by industrial companies of their overreliance on one supplier for some critical IT components.