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GM CIO Mott needs to hire thousands of staff to bring IT services in-house (Photo: Larry Peplin)

General Motors, which is bringing the bulk of its IT operations in house, will hire 3,000 hardware and software engineers from HP.

Under an agreement signed by the two companies last week, 3,000 HP employees who are already working on GM's business will join the carmaker.

The  US automotive group, which currently outsources as much as 90 pc of its IT operations, wants to reverse that percentage and, in a few years, manage 90 pc in-house. To achieve this goal, it has embarked on a major recruitment drive worldwide.

"These agreements with HP will enable us to accelerate the progress of our IT transformation by delivering increased innovation and speed of delivery to our GM business partners, and reduce the cost of ongoing IT operations,” said GM CIO Randy Mott.

Mott, who joined GM in February, explained in a recent interview with automotiveIT, how he is making radical changes to the carmaker's IT operations. His actions include a sharp reduction in the number of data centers and an overall refocusing of his IT resources.

A preview of the interview can be read in the new automotiveIT Executive Newsletter, which is available for download at The full interview will feature in the November edition of the newsletter.

GM announced earlier this month that it planned to hire 2,000 new IT staff at two US locations and would open two additional software centers.