Randy Mott.automotiveIT

Randy Mott has embarked on a 3-year program to radically change GM's IT (Photo: Larry A. Peplin)

General Motors CIO Randy Mott says his comprehensive reorganization of the automaker's IT operations is "not about spending less money."

Rather, Mott says in an interview with automotiveIT, his aim is "to have more of the money going to things with a higher business value.

Mott, an IT veteran who joined GM in February, has embarked on a thorough revamp of the car group's IT. It includes in-sourcing most of the IT services now carried out by outside contractors, consolidating data centers, streamlining software and hiring a large number of IT professionals worldwide.

In the interview, Mott says his IT staff will work closely with GM's business units, which will help speed up development. Said Mott: "Our IT people will be highly interactive with the  business."

The full interview with Randy Mott is available in the November issue of the automotiveIT International Executive Newsletter.

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